DJane Simoné, based in Heidelberg Germany, started djing in 1992 @ Vibration Club. Playing more than 20 years and over 2200 bookings in whole Germany with big DJs in the world makes her to one of the leading female House and Crossover DJanes in Germany. DJane Simoné lives and loves the music! Her unique mixture of deluxe vocal house, funky beats and sexy tribal rhythms, as well as her open and intoxicating manner bewitches her audience instantaneously.

The love for electronic dance music and Disco she discovered very early. Since she played the drums for more than 11 years and worked with Keyboards, Synthesizers, Samplers, Drum Machines etc., she bought the DJ equipment and started mixing, cutting and scratching in the early 90s. Soon she got bookings in parties and small clubs, because around this time only a few women were djing and most of them not really technical perfect.  

After playing in a "Youth Centre" and at small parties, she became resident in the Vibration Club in Mannheim. Being a female DJ in an almost entirely male dominated genre, gigs in Germany followed in bigger and more famous clubs like Palazzo, Zapata or Matrix. Also big events like Loveparade, Nature One and radio-stations performances in Sunshine-Live, SWR 3, Antenne 1, where she became well known for playing different styles. Like her "mixed" House-Sets, Oldskool/Breakbeats and 2step/UK-Garage. She just wants to be "special", pushing music forward keeping it fresh. And she's even got a Facebook Account.


At present she has got lots of resident Jobs as in German Clubs and House-Events, trying to create a new generation of House-Lovers in Germany. For 2016 she intended to have more free dates to play in foreign countries.

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